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Well, it’s been quite a while since I have updated here.  Since school has started, it seems that photography & design projects on my own have had to take somewhat of a backseat to everything else.  By September I realized that I really need to work on my time management and also spend some more time with Cliff.  Some might think that because we don’t have children, we must see each other all the time and have an infinite amount of free time.  WRONG. While Cliff has activities he is involved in, I have things I like to do outside of school (that usually relate to school or co-workers) but often times, we end up being out on separate schedules. 😦  So, in order to make sure I have my life in order, I’ve taken a little break from doing customer photo shoots for a while.  While I already have some shoots planned (that will not be cancelled,) I just will not be accepting new ones.  It is possible that I might offer a mini session day in November though—still trying to work the details on it. 🙂
Anyways, as part of Cliff and mine’s fifth year anniversary weekend, we went to the great Texas State Fair this past weekend.  We decided to take a look at a couple of things we haven’t really ventured through before, such as the Texas Discovery Gardens.  Meanwhile, I got a few nature shots.

The butterfly room was really impressive, they were all around. Aside from the room being humid (understandably,) it was pretty awe inspiring.


All the images below are from the outdoor area of the Texas Discovery Gardens.





Yes, I know, these aren’t your typical State Fair photos featuring rides, Big Tex, animals, or fried confectioneries, but I still thought these were pretty fun. (And my camera might have died before we could get to the rest!)