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We purchased our home two years ago.  Since then, we’ve been working on making it a home for ourselves.  Honestly, I really enjoy making a house a home and trying to play interior designer.  We’ve tried to spend as little money as possible, but at the same time, invest in a few key pieces here and there.  I love the challenge this presents me with, because then I have to be creative to make things look good—well I hope they look good at least!

This year, I’ve been working on the Dining Room.  I found a Duncan Phyfe table and buffet last year for a total of $100. I have always been a huge fan of this furniture since I was about 12, (no lie.)  The buffet in particular, I enjoy the curved front of the drawers and with the table, it’s sleek, elegant, but not huge or gaudy.  After trying to figure out how I was going to make this work in my home, (and since I have been painting furniture WAY before painting old furniture became cool,) I decided to paint both pieces, (I know, go ahead and gasp for air, don’t worry, paint can be stripped later if desired.)  Eventually, I found a set of six chairs to go with the table that were Oak and fit perfectly as far as proportion goes.  I completed the table and chairs in January, and I’ve been slowly working on the room ever since.

Today, I finally got around to getting some shots of our dining room in its current state.


I also re-seated each of the chairs with new foam and fabric, one of the seat bottoms had to be completely rebuilt–which was pretty simple, just purchased a square of plywood at Home Depot, and then my dad help me cut it at an angle when I was out at their house re-doing the table. The fabric came from Jo Anne’s at half price during a sale.  It’s important to find a fabric that is strong and will be durable for quite a while, and ALWAYS on sale! 😉

I think overall, I had 4 coats of paint on the table and chairs, then let that cure for a week, then came back and did three coats of think polyurethane and allowed that to cure for a week.  The chairs, I started with a base of spray paint (Rustoleum’s paint & primer in one—totally worth that stuff!) and put about five coats overall on each chair.  I used spray polyurethane in about two thin coats on each.  If you can, I highly recommend spraying furniture—you get a much smoother finish and you don’t have brush strokes, and it goes MUCH faster!

As for the rest of the room, I used the existing chandelier and ordered some simple black shades from JC Penny. (It was actually quite difficult to find shades that did not have gold lining on the inside that were less expensive than $24 EACH—yuck!)

The four mirrors were found on sale at Kirkland’s and were not part of the original plan.  I originally wanted six 12×12 white frames with some sort of artwork or possibly even metallic wallpaper in them.  When I found these mirrors at only $25 each, I figured they would be less work, last longer, and create a dramatic statement that I wanted above the buffet.  I feel like it worked out quite well.  I love how tall they go because it really emphasizes the height of the room.  One of the worse things you can do in a small home with high ceilings is have all small artwork and placing it low.  My theory is don’t be afraid to go large, because it will help your home appear more grand.

Below is another shot of the room with the window and curtains.  We finally hung curtains just a few weeks ago, and I feel like this room actually seems somewhat “finished,” aside from the fact that I haven’t installed hardware yet on the buffet—still too scared to drill the holes!


Eventually the carpet will probably go away and be replaced with dark, wide plank wood floors.  We actually eat at this table more than the breakfast room, (allows for easier TV watching, lol!)

I must say, I really enjoy our home these days, I feel like its such a good size for us and it’s been fun taking it from a typical suburban cookie cutter house to making it a place elegant enough to call home.

Alright, we are off to the annual Wild Witherspoon Wiener Roast &  Hayride! Have a good weekend, y’all!