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Today’s photos of the day come from the old First Baptist Church building that was recently sold due to the church becoming landlocked and building a new facility out east of town.

The old building has been around for many many years, and my grandparents were married in the parlor in the early 1950s, just after a new addition and renovation that can be seen from the current street view.  When my family moved back to Mount Pleasant in 1995, we attended church here for the better part of two years before choosing to attend another church where my uncle was preaching at the time.


Perhaps the most well known feature of this building is the bell tower, which is what I focused my two shots on today.  What I love about this architecture is the straight simplicity of the building and repetition of elements—very mid century here! The brick is an orange color–what my husband would call, “Church of Christ brick” because the color is apparently one of the cheapest.  However, the color was very popular back during the time this church building was built.


click to visit the current FBC website, where my grandfather streams live sermon feed to his kindle at home! Dr. Clint Davis is currently the pastor and has been the pastor at this church for as long as I can remember.  I had the fortunate experience of graduating from East Texas Baptist University the same day as his daughter, though we majored in different subjects.