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Teaching Junior High is going to be an entirely new adventure and a BIG change from teaching at the high school that I worked at for the previous five years. On my birthday this past July, I was offered a new position teaching Technology Applications (Computers,) at a Junior High school in Midlothian ISD, the district where Cliff and I both graduated from. Working for this district has been a dream come true, and a place I have aspired to work for several years. So, needless to say, the phone call I got that afternoon after my interview made for an extremely happy birthday.

Yesterday was our first day with kiddos and so far it has been very entertaining and enjoyable, (exhausting as well!) I’m feeling incredibly blessed to be a part of this amazing school district that really prioritizes building positive relationships with students, and meeting these kids. I will admit that I was a little scared of teaching Junior High at first because I really enjoyed the older high school kids, but so far, all reservations have been cast aside.

Yesterday we did a little introductory activity where the students answered a couple of questions on my whiteboard:

First Day Jr. High activity


The responses were somewhat unexpected, (although I did expect someone to say “fun,” just not so many times.) Cat Lover and Boss were a surprise, and “Not Moody” was just plain funny!

First Day Jr. High activityThe other question I asked was “What sort of Techie thing do you want to learn about?” Some kids are interested in programming, many are interested in games. I’ve GOT to teach them how to use words other than “stuff” and “idk.”

All in all, the kids reacted quite well to the activity, not to mention, they LOVED writing on the wall with the dry erase markers! (I’ll admit, I get a kick out of it as well!)