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This last year, we had the fortunate experience of hosting Open House in our classrooms. {happy dance!} Now, when we have Open House, we normally have a printed spreadsheet form that parents fill out in order to track who visited with us and to gather contact information, especially email addresses. Well, being the teacher that wanted to go as paperless as possible, I tried something different this spring. I created a Google Form to track parent visits to my classroom.

This whole process of creating the form and having it live took literally all of about three to five minutes. Of course, I am pretty familiar with Forms by now, but anyone can do this within an hour or less.

Open House Form Using Google Forms

Above you can see a picture of the form opened up on my laptop at the front of my classroom on Open House night.

Benefits to Tracking Parent Visits via Google Forms:

  1. You use less paper
  2. Information is sortable
  3. Easily send copies to administrators electronically
  4. Easily retrieve the information later when needing to contact parents again
  5. No waiting in line at the copier
  6. Quick for filling out
  7. Your pen won’t get stolen
  8. Very easy to use again next Open House. Either clear your responses, or just glance at the timestamp that is automatically tracked.

Here is a screen shot of my Google Form again:

Open House Form

See how clean and mess free it looks? Each box is clearly noted and identified.

Can you infer what the red stars mean? If you guessed they are required, you are correct. (This has become an Internet symbol for required parts of forms.)

When parents complete the form, they just click “submit” and then “submit another response” for when the next parent signs in.

If you wanted to use the form for the entire school, you can add a field for the Teacher’s name, then one bank of responses can be available for everyone if needed or wanted.

 You can easily tailor the look and feel of your form with the theme.
Choose Theme

For some reason, form themes are quite limited at this time. When they updated the web app earlier this year, a lot of them went away for some reason. This was disappointing, but nothing that prevents me from using the web app.

When creating the form, here is what it looks like in the editor. You can easily see buttons for viewing the live form, responses, as well as themes.

Open House Form Edit

All of your responses will collect in one spreadsheet. This is WONDERFUL. Another thing I love about it is that every entry is automatically stamped with the date and time. Now that all the entries are sortable, plus it updates in real time!

Responses view

Check out this handy tutorial on how to create a form in Google Drive. (Includes pictures.)

Do you want to use a copy of the template?

Click to access the Google Template I uploaded to see it in action and access the template to use yourself. (Just remove my name from it, please!)