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I am so excited to show you today’s recent invitation design. Our dear friends, Jordan & Kristeen are expecting their first child later this summer! Before too long, they will be making the trip up to this area from Baton Rouge for a baby shower held in their honor.

Jordan is one of Cliff’s oldest friends dating back to elementary school. They were drummers and soccer players together back in Midlothian and graduated in the same class. Due to him being a fellow band nerd, I got to know Jordan as well in high school. Kristeen and I have also developed quite a good friendship over the last five years and I certainly enjoy our golf/spa trips together!

For Kristeen’s invitation, I used inspiration from their nursery theme of elephants and yellow and navy to develop an A2 flat invitation on a cotton paper. Personally, being someone who isn’t too “cutesy” I try to meet a happy medium with my baby shower invitations. While we are welcoming a precious little baby, it’s still a party for the adults as well. I also stick with the A2 size quite a bit as well. It’s a little more cost efficient, plus it easily fits in a photo album should the Mom to Be want to keep it in one as a keepsake.

baby shower elephant invite

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out. They are whimsical with a modern touch through the fonts and solid colors, plus Mommy to Be said she loved them…score for me!