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I recently started running a Couch to 5K program since school got out and thankfully, for two weeks and one day, I’ve kept my running schedule and run three times a week in the morning, even while out visiting my parents.

When I was out visiting for Jessie’s wedding shower I did a three mile walk which loops around three roads on the countryside that includes some gorgeous scenery. I usually carry my phone with me to track my run and listen to music along the way. The problem and convenience of this is I always have a camera with me as well. It makes me more likely to stop and take pictures along the way.

The other day a storm was rolling in, so clouds were exceptionally gorgeous and added a unique look to what was already there, so I stopped a few times and took some shots. Pleasantly surprised with the results, I decided to go ahead and share some of what I took.

The first few shots are either straight from the phone or they were edited in the phone utilizing the filter settings that are default to the phone, which is an HTC One X+, and I have found to be very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the camera quality.Untitled


This shot is a panorama with no filters or editing otherwise.


I think the shot below is my favorite. I used one of the built in filter settings.


One thing I love about the HTC One X+ is the fact that I can change camera settings in the phone without an extra app, including the exposure, white balance, and more. The shot below is straight from the camera, with a lowered exposure.


The next two images were edited a little in Photoshop:


This image I personally really like, despite being over processed some. I think in the actions I used in Photoshop, it over sharpened a little bit, but I love the storm clouds in the background.

etex tree-2WEB

Obviously, this was just a little fun shooting for me and nothing serious or high quality for that matter. It does amaze me how the quality of cameras in cell phones seems to be making leaps and bounds over where they first started out. I find myself using my cell phone camera more and more, and my point and shoot less and less. I still don’t use it to zoom in, but it’s a fun little camera in situations where I don’t feel like carrying an additional camera.