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Last Thanksgiving, my mother and I traveled out to my grandfather’s home in Naples, Texas with the goal in mind to take a collection of images that I had been wanting to do for a while that involved my grandfather, his truck, and his incredible antique tool collection that resides in his shop in the backyard.

When I think of a homeplace, this is truly it. Over the last fifty years, my grandparents took a piece of pasture land and transformed it into a wonderful home that features some shady pecan trees, a storage shed, an amazing garden, and two work shops, (because you know, Papaw had to upgrade and build a bigger one after a period of time.) On the back wall of the shop and now parts of the sides, a visitor will find a museum of antique tools that my grandfather has collected over the years. His collection is flat out astounding. Eventually, people began giving tools to my grandfather because they knew of his growing collection. He keeps the shop neat, orderly, and clean. All tools are cleaned before being put back in their proper place.

Well, fast forward a few months down the road and my grandfather’s cousin and one of his best friends saw the collection of images I did of my grandfather and his shop. She fell in love with the photo below:
The Tool Collection of NK Higgins.

Mary Lew decided she wanted a copy of this picture in “one of those things that’s like a picture, but it isn’t, you don’t hang it in a frame!” or in other words, a canvas.

While ordering canvases for Jessie’s engagement pictures, I ordered one for both Mary Lew and my mother and delivered them this past Saturday when I was in town for Jessie’s wedding shower.

Mary Lew fell completely in LOVE with her picture and proceeded to show it off to everyone who walked through the door. She claimed she was “just so proud” of her picture and wanted to share it with everyone else.

 I grabbed the following shots on my cell phone (so the quality isn’t all that great,) of her sharing her artwork on Saturday: Mary Lew

Here’s a quite blurry picture of Mary Lew with her artwork.

Mary Lew

I can’t really accurately portray how much it warms my heart and gives me the feeling of bursting pride to know that someone else appreciates your work that much; so much that they want to show it off to everyone else who walks in the door. Originally, I wasn’t truly happy with the shot because I felt the flash was too harsh on a couple of parts of the image, but when someone else appreciates it, it certainly moves up in my book. It makes me happy knowing  I made someone else happy.

To view the entire collection from that day, click to view my flickr album.