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Well, you had your photo session and your photographer has uploaded the images in your online gallery and you LOVE them, but now what? How do you decide on what images to order? Where are you going to put them? How are you going to arrange them? What sizes in the world should you order? An 8×10″ is pretty big, right?

As a photographer, I want you to be so  happy with your photos that I want you to put them on the walls of your home, and have them make a lasting impact on the happiness of your atmosphere for years to come.

Trying to figure out what sizes to order can be so difficult to judge. Often times we find ourselves ordering what we think is a huge portrait, then we hang it up, get it just right, then it looks teeny tiny on the wall.

Fortunately, it seems I’m not the only one who has had this problem. After a glance through Pinterest and some of the wall gallery displays, it’s helped me develop some better ideas of how to arrange the photos in my home and what sizes to order.

Take a look at some of these helpful pins I’ve found:

Source: brynnstone.com viaChristina on Pinterest

Do you notice how small a 5×7 & 8×10 look compared to the couch and the 30×40″ photos! WOW! Thanks to brynnstone Photography for developing such an awesome visual!

Four large canvases can also make a nice impact in your home. I love how together, they develop a nice, cohesive rectangle. Here you have 1-16×24″ for the largest image, 1- 17×11″, and 2- 8x12s that all together create one large visual impact.

Source: kristendukephotography.com viaChristina on Pinterest

Check out the above image with a collection of canvases above a baby’s bed. How sweet, and a great way to add color to the room! I think this canvas collection would also look good above a buffet or couch that is against a wall.

Source: thecraftingchicks.com viaChristina on Pinterest

The Crafting Chicks showed this excellent wall display using simple white frames, allowing the beautiful colors of the photo session to stand out on the wall and grab attention. All together, these create another great cohesive look.

Source: google.com viaChristina on Pinterest

Ahhh! What a timeless look and the treasuring of the simple beauty of a newborn baby in these classic black & white images all together above a couch! This would also be a great display for baby’s room or in the master bedroom.

Source: stylizedportraiture.com viaChristina on Pinterest

Have you seen pins like the one above that illustrate a piece of furniture with a gallery drawn out above it and the sizes listed? These rock, and give a great visual of how certain sizes can work together and how the will look proportional on your wall.

Now for the big pin: This shows a variety of actual images with other gallery displays shown on the walls above to provide as realistic as possible of an example of how different displays would look on a wall. There are many examples, and they list all the sizes of the different prints. Some of these list non traditional sizes, such as squares or skinny rectangles. Perhaps you want to crop out some of the image and do a unique size to really have impact on the most important part of the picture. The possibilities are endless!

Source: capturedsimplicity.com viaChristina on Pinterest

Did a few ideas spark in your head? Check out the rest of my Gallery Wall & Photo Displays board on Pinterest!

Next time before you place an order for your prints, really think about where you will display your images before you purchase them. Still need some help deciding? I am here to offer a free consultation to any of my clients to help you decide how you will display your treasured memories in your home!