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Adding to the theme of “blogging shots I forgot I didn’t blog” and carrying on with our California trip, here are some more images from our Spring Break adventure to Los Angeles and San Diego last March.

On one of our days in L.A. we decided to hike up in the Hollywood Hills and drive around to find the Hollywood sign. What I did not realize before is just how realistically so many people literally live in the hills! Travel down what seems to be a quiet little winding road and you’ll find a vast array of driveways and houses sitting right next to the street, with backyard views that are absolutely stunning!

What I did not expect to see were so many natural elements. I did not exactly expect to hike either. (I think I was wearing a cotton dress and flip flops at this point in the trip.) IMG_2064-2

This HUGE plant had carvings all in it from visitors who had stopped by over the years, it was really kind of neat.


The sun at this point was absolutely gorgeous, and I love the way it made so many things glow. For that reason, I personally love this shot.


Off in the distance were more hills and a small lake. This image almost appears to be black and white, but really I didn’t do anything to the color, the shadows just really took all of it out, but I think I like it better this way.


We hiked all the way up that country path to get to this:


I took several shots of the Hollywood sign, but I think this was my favorite. I ended up editing it with a 1960s-1970s flair to it, which is the time period I seem to think of most when I think of Hollywood, and I’m not sure why.

No, who couldn’t go to California without taking a few sunny palm tree shots? This is one I quickly grabbed while we were walking to a little pizza place for dinner down in Hollywood. It was SO very delicious, almost as good as Home Slice in Austin! 😉


I would have to say one thing I am very glad we had while out there was our smart phones. They allowed us to easily find unique restaurants off the beaten path and something that was less of a chain restaurant. We like to do our best to eat local food when we travel, and having our phones with Google Maps and Yelp! helped.