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Looking through some images on my Flickr, I’ve realized I’ve never blogged them! (Shame! Shame! Christy!) In a way, I think it’s almost a blessing, because it has allowed me to take time to savor some of these shots and determine whether or not I truly appreciate them or really like them.
Some of the shots I forgot to blog about are from our California trip last March during Spring Break. We spent pretty much the entire break traveling between Los Angeles and San Diego! It was my first trip ever to California and one that was enjoyed quite a bit. I think my favorite part was the weather. While it was pretty warm, it was also rather cool, just perfect!
The main purpose of our trip was to celebrate the union of Cliff’s best man, Tim, to his lovely bride, Thuy, who now reside in Dallas! Woo hoo!

Shamefully, I’m a bad friend and have taken FOREVER to get these images out there! Nevertheless, Happy Anniversary in a couple of very short weeks!

The event took place at the fabulous “S Fine Dining” Vietnamese restaurant in Westminster, California. The mood, the lighting, the atmosphere was all so very gorgeous.IMG_1705

The ceremony itself took place on a front porch that was surrounded by large drapes to create a private room for just the wedding guests.
Tim & Thuy both wrote their own vows and it was so touching to hear the promises and commitments they made to each other.


Alright, all seriousness aside, I’m not sure what is going on here, almost seems as if Tim is hollering out to someone in the crowd. The whole thing was just pleasant all around.


The kiss! Sweet, sweet kiss!


Victory! I love Thuy is so graceful, then you see Tim’s face! πŸ˜‰


Our friend, Evan was the officiant of the wedding. He lives in Austin and is an elementary school teacher as well! He’s always a blast to be around and is the very reason why we have Holly & Pearl.


He loves a good serious pose. I personally think he looks like a million bucks right here! He could totally run a fortune 500 company with that look!


The lighting at the front of the restaurant was so dramatic and beautiful, so what do I do? DRAG my husband into taking some shots to test my light. If only I had had a reflector to bounce some light on the other side of his face, oh well, I think I like this dramatic shadow, not to mention, I love that he’s laughing. This shot now hangs on my living room wall.


This is the look I get when I have taken his picture too much for the time being. It’s the (get that thing outta my face!) look. However, the blue eyes jump right out–how can those things be any sort of mean?


After the ceremony, we enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour at the bar of the restaurant, and it was certainly delightful!



“Drinks all around!”


The lighting was so much fun to play with, and the top of the bar let off a cool, crisp glow that added to the atmosphere.


When in California, one must drink things that are tropical, MUST.


The reception was absolutely gorgeous! I love the plum and cream colors they picked for their wedding, so luxurious, yet fun!


And the cake, THE CAKE! OH MY! It was GORGEOUS! The owner of the restaurant designed and made the cake herself. If you happen to be in the market for a gorgeous cake in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend checking her work out!


This lovely thing was in a corner all by itself, which allowed for plenty of gazing and mouth watering!


Tim & Thuy gave out some spectacular wedding favors: glass wine stoppers that are just beautiful!


One thing I learned about a traditional Vietnamese wedding is that it usually contains a giant feast at the wedding, and when I mean feast, I mean SEVEN (7) courses of food! All of them were delicious, well those that I tasted, I think I stopped after course four for fear of being too full for cake and bursting through my dress! (For some reason I don’t have any images of the food either—probably because they got stashed somewhere else due to having THREE cameras with me on this trip!)

Here is Tim’s mother giving her speech at the reception. She is such a charming woman, and it was really insightful to learn about her life in Taiwan, where she has now returned to after living in Houston for many years. I think the most interesting fact I learned is that many women wear disposable underwear due to so many houses not having washers and dryers in them!

Back when Cliff and I got married, Tim gave an INCREDIBLE Best Man speech, probably the BEST I have ever heard in my life! It was so well thought out, typed, and printed. I found a copy of it later and saved it with our wedding mementos. So, with that being said, Cliff had quite the expectations to live up to when Tim asked him to be a Best Man at his own wedding. Here you can see him with his speech on his iphone for reference. πŸ˜‰ (and yes, Cliff did a spectacular job and gave a wonderful speech!)


Despite the awesome color in this image on the painting, I’m glad I made it black and white, to allow the focus to truly remain on Tim during his speech of thanks for everyone joining them to celebrate this wonderful event.


Thuy changed into a traditional Vietnamese garment for the reception and it was just amazing. I love the look on her face here. She is so very beautiful. Tim is lucky. πŸ˜‰


First dance. I love how these two seem to have such a mutual respect and deep care for each other. You know when you meet a couple that just sends you great vibes that they will make it? That is what I get from these two, that they will persevere through all doubt and trials, and enjoy the rest of their lives together in much happiness.


The night was full of plenty of fun as well! A couple of games were played, this one Tim had to feel his way through a line of women and pick out the hand that belonged to his bride. (Although I think a man or two were also thrown in for excitement.)


After all the formal celebration ended, we finished up the night at a Dave & Buster’s and closed the place down, playing all sorts of arcade games. I have literally had fewer nights more fun than this one was!