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Last year one afternoon, a friend and I joined an Instagram group on a Rangers Ballpark tour. For some reason or another, I started this post but never completed it or published it. After finding it this afternoon, I decided to add the finishing touches and provide a look.

Unfortunately, before the tour officially started, I received word that my paternal grandfather was being rushed to the emergency room in Longview due to having a second heart attack, (25 years between the two,) so that put a little damper on my mood throughout the tour, but I was still able to get some interesting shots.  (NO, I did not just skip on my happy way with my grandfather going to the hospital–my family assured me I should not go home that day—and I went to see him Monday afternoon after work—he’s doing alright now, back at home.)

This was another adventure with just my little point and shoot–my Canon G11.  I love the freedom it gives me–to not have to carry around a heavy body or lenses–it makes a little photo adventure more fun at times, and reminds me that a good picture does not start with a great camera (although, I happen to think the G11 is wonderful,) but it starts with the photographer.IMG_4413-2


I love the arches in this ballpark.



Our wonderful tour guide:





I’m not really sure why it took me so long to post these. I don’t know if it is due to my Grandpa being in the hospital or being overwhelmed with work, who knows.  I guess that’s what happens sometimes when you juggle full time job plus photography side job. Now that Spring Training is upon us, the baseball fever is beginning to strike again, and these shots make it that much more exciting!