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Last week while I was in East Texas, I made a special visit out to my grandfather’s house in Naples, Texas. (Yes, there is a Naples in Texas, it’s right next to Omaha, Texas, the Naples Watermelon Festival can’t be beat every July!

Previously, I asked my Papaw if I could do a photo shoot featuring him with his old truck and tools. I had a moment where I realized I need to get these moments while they last, otherwise, I’ll let life slip by without getting the shots that are really important to me. Fortunately, my grandfather agreed to let me do the shoot with him and we had a great time.

Here is my grandfather with his “No Truck”– his 1950s Chevrolet Apache that has been restored. Its his true baby.


As a member of the American Legion, he commonly drives the pickup in area parades with the flags.


My grandfather has such a wonderful personality, he is easygoing, fun loving, a prankster, and loved by all.


Yep, he calls his truck “The NO Truck.” Not even a key starter, starts with a foot pedal. Although, he has since added seat belts for a little bit of a safer ride.



I regret not getting a shot from this angle with the door shut. I’m not really sure why I left it open, but it’s a little bit of a different angle. I absolutely love that the tree in the background has yellow leaves for the fall. I think it adds a very nice compliment to the color of the truck.



I love this pickup. I’m so glad for my Papaw that he has it and that its in beautiful shape! More importantly though, I love my Papaw. 🙂