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You know what I love? That our grocery store, (now SUPER close to my house) has an excellent variety of fresh cut flowers and a florist on a daily basis. It’s always tempting for me to grab some fresh blooms for various parts of our house every time I stop by. Lately, I’ve decided it’s a luxury I can afford only on special occasions.

Earlier this year I  had some white Chrysanthemums that I had gotten for our living room and decided to take some shots of ’em while they lasted, and it gave me a chance to practice my macro photography.

In the editing, I practiced a couple of different styles.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked better—darker with emphasis on the many different parts of the flowers, or light and bright, with a very soft feel. What do you think?


or lighter?


or even darker? {I’m beginning to think this one is on the chopping block myself.}


Not exactly the same shot, but similar.



or lighter?


Then there’s the more detailed pedal shot, although not as detailed as I would like.
Oh well, live and learn.