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If you have been in Pinterest lately, you have probably seen these cute little coffee bar areas that everyone has been pinning, such as this one with two cute shelves, or this cute one with a shelf from Hobby Lobby that I almost bought myself for the same place.

When I saw these, I immediately thought, “oh how cute!” but as I got to thinking, I ALREADY HAVE DONE THIS IN MY OWN HOUSE! DUH!”  I just don’t have the shelves above my little “coffee bar” in my breakfast area.

Here is a picture of my own little coffee bar:

Christina Lee Texas Coffee Bar

The cabinet is an old radio cabinet that I re-painted last summer due to paint chipping off that was about thirty years old.  My grandmother an aunt found it at an estate sale back in the ’70s and used it in my aunt’s apartment when she moved to Dallas.  Over time, it was “borrowed” by my mother and father and was always at our house growing up.  Most of the time it was in my room, but in Midlothian, it was in the breakfast area of our home under the telephone, because you know, you still had a home phone back then.  When I moved into a house in Marshall, I got it back and used it in my office space.  Now that we have a house of our own, it’s held cookbooks and now is “puppy dog central” inside the cabinet, housing treats and such related to the dogs.

At Christmas, I put the coffee pot there with the old fruit basket I found in Maypearl one time so people could easily access the hot drinks, and well, it just stayed there.  We really don’t even drink coffee at our house, that’s why you don’t see some fancy Kureig there or whatever they are.

This cabinet really needed something, and I had previously hung the canvas from the Texas Capitol, but it needed more.  I considered moving this and replacing it with a baker’s rack, and still may do so in the future, but I just don’t want to fork out the money right now.  I decided to combine both of my Texas landmark canvases and a Texas string art I purchased at a craft show not too long ago and really like the three items together.
At some point I might just paint that cabinet black though, to go with everything else in my kitchen.

Well, there you have it, my cute little “coffee bar” like the ones on pinterest.

Did you like my Texas Landmark canvases?  Would you like to purchase one for your own home?  Send me a message at christinaleephoto@gmail.com for info!