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Earlier this year I promised myself I would go spend some more time with my grandparents this summer, and go stay with them for a couple of night as opposed to staying with my parents.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, and I’m always welcome there, but I haven’t felt like I have been able to spend enough time with my grandparents lately.  After losing my grandmother seven years ago to Breast Cancer, I regretted not spending as much time as I possibly could with her before she passed away, and I only lived about 45 minutes away from her when I was in college.  I am incredibly fortunate to have three grandparents still living, and not only that, ALL of my grandparents get along.  My two grandfathers have driven together on many occasions for the local Chevrolet dealership.

Well, I glanced at my calendar this past weekend and it hit me, this summer is almost over!  I need to make my trip home NOW! So, long story short, I’m in Mount Pleasant for a couple of days, and I brought my camera to take pictures of whatever I wanted to or what might inspire me during this time.  These moments are precious, and after the reminder after losing Patricia, (my MIL) last year, that made it even more evident I need to value the time I have with my loved ones.

This morning my paternal grandfather and I went for coffee at the local Whataburger, (the Stop & Shop, or what better knew it as, “The Bubble Gum Store,” is now shut down;) and we drove through town, ending up at his old farm home place.  Grandpa shared several stories with me–it was wonderful!  Grandma has also been sharing her work history with me and though I knew some of it, I always learn something new!  She never seems to understand why I find her personal history so interesting.  I have always hoped she would write her memoirs one day, but I think she has given up on that dream.

I got several pictures today, but this one I did want to share:

Grandpa Watching Train Videos on Kindle

This is completely positive evidence to show we are NEVER too old to stop learning!  It’s really neat to see my grandfather interested in You Tube, where he finds all sorts of videos from trains in the past and using the tablet technology to surf the web from his chair, (since he has been ORDERED by his doctor to not get out on the tractor anymore!)