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This morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:00am.  I don’t even wake up this early during the school year! Man, I am not sure what in the world turned my body clock back a couple of hours, but for the life of me I could not go back to sleep.  On I went to the living room, where I decided I might have better luck on the couch–for some reason it tends to be a little cooler in there anyway.  Still no luck.  Suddenly, I decided it was nearly dawn and I might already be too late, but why not try to go take some sunrise pictures while I am awake?

I started rushing around the house gathering equipment I might need–correct lens, tripod, gorilla tripod, sneakers, etc.  I briefly told Cliff I’d see him later as I left him still in bed at 6:15 or so.  (Here’s to hoping he got up in time to go to work in time–the boy tends to like sleep.)

After quickly driving over to a local marina that is on Joe Pool Lake, I was able to set up in the cove area.  One of these days I’m going to figure out how to set up shop on one of the bridges that crosses without getting hit by morning traffic.  That would rock my face off.

I didn’t get quite what I wanted, but I still am somewhat pleased with what I got today.  Here’s a preview:


I shot with an f-stop in the higher range of 22-29 and used a gorilla tripod to help stabilize.

I cannot describe how peaceful it is to start a morning out on the lake.  Everything is still, few people are around, and its just plain ‘ol beautiful.  It was like basking in God’s glory right then and there. This also makes me even more excited about our upcoming trip to Degray Lake this weekend.  My parents and sister are already there—and I’m hating that I’m not with them yet!  Bring on the ski boats, sunglasses, and swimsuits! Take me to the lake!