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I have said in previous posts that I really enjoy creating stationary, especially notecards.  I think they are a great way to easily write a variety of notes to people and have some custom stationary.  I particularly love giving these as gifts, it’s something personal and unique.  Plus, I know nobody else will give them the same thing, because it is something I designed!

The Winning Law

Here are a few of my recent custom designs for notecards.  Over a couple of days this spring, I just got motivated and began creating.

Sweet Sophistication

I have to be careful at times, I can overthink a design.  I will be scared that it is not unique or customized enough, when the reality is, simplicity is often favored.


Custom notecards are perfect for thank you notes.  I am a firm believer that thank you notes should always be handwritten—makes it more personal and genuine.  One thing in particular, it’s always good to have customized notecards for thank you notes sent after an interview.  I would advise always sending a thank you after a job interview. (It shows thoughtfulness, plus get’s your name in their face one more time, motivating them to hire you.) 😉


These note cards are a great way to show your personality, but stay classy at the same time.  They can be professional, relaxed, whatever you like!

Mary Lew

Sophisticated Amy

Barbie Party

The one below strikes me in particular.  If you notice, the name on the card is Pearl, and if you know me, you know our youngest dog’s name is Pearl.  I really think this note card describes her personality.  She is real fiery and passionate, yet feminine and sweet at the same time.  She goes 90 to nothing when chasing a ball, frisbee, toy, etc; but is also so genuinely sweet.  Her greatest ambition in life is to bring joy to Cliff and me, I really believe that.  Too bad this girl can’t write, otherwise I would have had some made for her!


Need a unique wedding gift?  Look no further than here! Design a custom note card for them!  Guaranteed, they will love and appreciate it!

Coupling Pike