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It’s official…..IT IS SUMMERTIME!!!  This last school year has been a difficult one, and honestly, I’m glad it’s over.  I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to teach and play a part in the lives of my students, and they have shown me so much, HOWEVER, it is time for them to go home and for me to get some time away from that place—so I can refresh, learn new ideas, and start back in the fall ready to go!  That is what I love about teaching school, every year is new, and we get to start over with a blank slate.  I love being able to implement new ideas and change things up a bit.

With that being said, today I’m focusing on babies.  This last weekend I had a newborn shoot and I also have one later today, then I have a couple lined up for July and August….it’s the summer of lovin’ on some babies!

Here is a sweet shot from precious little Brayden who I got to meet on Saturday.


All these babies has me thinking about birth announcements.  I will be honest, I thoroughly enjoy creating paper products and stationary.  I do not create announcements and cards because I feel like I have to, it’s because I WANT to.  I just wish I had more time to do so because I feel like I cannot devote the time I want to clear my mind and create them.  Fortunately, it is the summer, and now I am planning on creating more birth announcements this year so I can have them for options for clients.  Expect to see more graduation announcements as well,  because Lord knows, April and May are crazy busy, so planning ahead is a good idea! 😉

So, here is my first birth announcement of the summer, with a lovely navy and yellow stripe theme!

birth announcement yellow stripe

I hope your summer is starting off well, and if you are a stay at home mom who is thinking, “how long do I have to deal with these kids?!?!?” I feel for you. 😉