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This last week, I decided to do a few shots of Holly and Pearl because the grass was green and well, I hadn’t gotten any real good ones lately, plus Pearl has grown so much!  We also have a couple of pictures up of Holly so I thought I might need to even it out and have a few more up of Pearl.

After I took my shots, I had a couple I felt needed some type in with them for fun:


It really seems like Holly is a Canine version of me–just seems that way. It’s like God designed and specifically created her to be my pet and a companion for me. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Pure Bliss

Pearl amazes me with her “Carpe Diem” zest for life! She LOVES to play and goes all out for everything!  She’s very affectionate, loves attention, play, food, everything, well, except she’s scared of cars, skateboarders, and exhaust fans.  She will fetch all day long if you allow her to, and that includes a Frisbee in the yard.

Happy Holly

I got a couple of sweet posed shots of them as well.  I always like to get them with their tongues out—it seems like they are smiling and shows what happy pups they are—they really do look like this on a day to day basis.

Pearl-May 2012

I really love this of Pearl—just so sweet and innocent, like her heart. She’s also very apologetic if you get upset with her. The greatest aspiration she has in life it seems is to make us happy.

Pearl-May 2012

I know it might seem a little odd to love two pups so much, but I can’t help it, I’ve been smitten. and can’t imagine my life without them. 🙂