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Recently I had the opportunity to attend a conference about teaching a Film class in the IB or International Baccalaureate Association.  Next year I will be teaching the IB Film class at our Sam Houston campus and here was my chance to meet and collaborate with other instructors, learn more about the program and course, etc.  Mentally, it was one of the most challenging four days in my life.  There was just so much information, and I was CONSTANTLY paying attention throughout the day during our sessions, really, I was!  I learned so much, but I was also very tired by the time I got back.

We attended the conference in Kansas City, where I have never been before—woo hoo!  So visiting this cool little city was definitely a new adventure.  Overall, I loved Kansas City, and they have done so much in the past few years to really build up the environment, make it more attractive to visitors, as well as young city dwellers.  I just took my little point and shoot on the trip, but I had a blast and got a few pictures worth sharing.


I love how Kansas City preserves its beautiful historic architecture and brick warehouse buildings.  Along with that, they have constructed exceptionally beautiful modern buildings as of late—to me it’s an excellent blend of history meets modern urban dwelling.

Fortunately, I also have a friend from high school who lives in Kansas City, Rose, who was gracious enough to show me around town one evening while in town and showed me to some customary Kansas City Barbeque! Before too long, I’m seriously hoping to take Cliff back with me so we can hang out with Rose again!