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Back when I lived in East Texas, I just thought I lived in the country.  I never actually drove by a corn or wheat field.  I still wouldn’t say I live in the country—more like suburbia—it’s just that farmland is more prominent out here rather than land filled with timber and cattle.  In reality, I’d still consider my parents’ house to be WAY out in the country compared to where I live—after all, I have a Kroger about five minutes from my front door, where they have to drive about twenty minutes to get to the nearest grocery store, or gas station.

I love driving by the highway on my way to work in the spring though.  The wheat fields are so incredibly beautiful.  They are this luscious green for so long and suddenly they transform into their golden wheat color, and within a few days, they are harvested.  I knew I had to act pretty quickly if I wanted to get some shots of the wheat, so I took some time and stopped on the side of the highway this morning and got these shots with my point and shoot camera:

I love that we still have several farmlands around our area–reminds us of where we come from, and that we all still depend on farming for food and that some still depend on it for a livelihood, while the rest of us drive to our jobs in town, or wherever.

Take some time to admire the wheat fields in your area today. 🙂