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Whitney might not know it, but she made one of my dreams come true last week.  She just THOUGHT this photo session was for her! HAHA!  Little did she know, I have been dreaming of doing a photo session at the Sims Library in Waxahachie for years!!!  When Whitney contacted me recently about doing a photo shoot for her, she wanted a location that seemed “teachery” without being in a school specifically.  The first place that instantly came to mind was the Library.

Fortunately, Whitney has a connection to the Library as well!  Whitney spent a couple of summers watching a family’s children and they would visit this very Library multiple times a week!  Talk about a coincidence! She was instantly thrilled when I suggested the location and it just worked out so very well!

College Senior Session-Whitney

Whitney had not had a senior photo session done when she graduated high school, so her mother wanted to make sure she had some photos done when she graduated college!  Since our days of attending church together at Bear Creek Baptist, Whitney has always hidden from a camera at every opportunity.  Very rarely did you find her in front of the shutter, so for her to do an entire session all her was quite a step!  I am so glad she called on me, and in the end, she said she felt rather comfortable in front of the camera, which of course, made me extremely happy!  This is one of my number one goals—to make my clients comfortable, because if they are stiff, and not at ease, the emotion will show through the lens.  I want people to look back at their images for years to come and be proud and happy to have these pictures in their home!

We started our session outside the Library on the front lawn, just before the Saturday opening hours began.  They have a lovely collection of large trees and beautiful benches–it’s really very peaceful!

The large columns painted a light cream/gray provided a nice reflector for some gorgeous natural lighting, as well as a little fill flash. Does she not look lovely and accomplished?

Above is one of my absolute favorites.  The books in the background, the mysterious smile on her face, the poise in her stature, ahhhhh! Whitney! You are beautiful!

We also went down into the basement in the Research Room for a few cap and gown pictures.  While it was somewhat challenging due the lack of natural light, we still got a few good shots!  Very much a representation of Academia!

Congratulations to Whitney, who is going to be a fantastic teacher! All of her students will be so fortunate to have her in their lives!