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If you have read a few of my recent posts, you’ll see that I’ve had a thing for shooting images of desserts lately.  It all started with this delicious post a couple of weeks ago, then I posted an image of this lovely key lime treat after being up for twenty four hours straight!

Well, I have been following this lovely little bakery on twitter lately that is in our hometown of Mansfield called Frosted Pink.  I’ve been itching to get over to the bakery to try some of her daily cupcakes that make me salivate at the thought of eating them, but I just have not been able to make it over to the bakery before closing time.  Finally today I was able to drag my mother and sister (it was OH so difficult, wink wink!) to Frosted Pink, where we selected six decadent flavors of cupcakes to share and sample!  Fortunately, I was able to hold both my mother and sister off long enough to grab a few shots of these wonderful little cupcakes!

Here you’ll see Strawberry at the front, Red Velvet in the back left, and classic Butter Cake with Chocolate frosting on the right.


Jessie’s first pick was “Bailey’s Irish Cream” sprinkled with a little festive green up top!  Of course, it was scrumptious!


Mom cleared this one pretty quickly.  Chocolate on chocolate–what more could a chocolate loving lady ask for? She practically forked us when we tried to get a taste!


My personal favorite? The Strawberry!  Just look at the beautiful creamy frosting!  I love the natural look and taste of this cupcake, no food coloring, and just AMAZING! I love this summery fruity flavor.


Now who could not love a classic Red Velvet?  This, Vanilla, and Chocolate Chocolate are all flavors that are made every day.

This made up quite a lunch for us and I can’t wait to go back to Frosted Pink for some more delicious cupcakes!

Check out their website, menu, and more at frostedpinkcake.com