If you have kept up with my blog for this last school year, you might remember that I’m helping out with our school’s drill team this year.  I’m considered an assistant director, but I mostly take care of a lot of paper-like stuff and deal with some emails, organization, etc.

Earlier this week I did a mini shoot out in the crazy wind we had of our current captain for images on our tryout posters.

Rosa was such a good sport and did lots of kicks for me and put up with the wind that nearly carried all of us away!

Rosa web

It was a very gray and cloudy day, which makes for GREAT lighting  on a subject, but not the prettiest background, but still, it is pretty much solid, so I’ll be able to have some flexibility if I want to play with that on the poster.

I took shots from a variety of angles and played with several different poses.  In the end, the three shown here are my favorites.


This shot is from Rosa sitting in complete splits on the field.   At one point I could somewhat do this, but never as good as Rosa….and I certainly can’t do that now!


Here is a lovely group shot of all of our dancers from last week’s competition.  Its actually a composite of three photos taken in a row and combined in Photoshop CS5.

Group PanoramaWEB

All of the dances are so interesting, and can take quite a bit of prep work!  I personally LOVE our novelty–where we end up painting some of our members silver!


In two weeks we travel to competition again, this time its Nationals in Galveston for three days!  WHEW! It will certainly be an adventure!  Thankfully we are taking a charter bus and can leave the ‘ol “yellow dogs” at home this time!

With that being said, right now I’m gearing up for my first ever trip to CALIFORNIA!!! We are leaving this evening to go to a friend’s wedding in Westminster and then will spend a few days in the areas of Los Angeles and San Diego! I can’t wait!!!!