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This weekend was the start of a crazy next two weeks.  Saturday morning started off EARLY at four am to prepare to be at the school in time to take our  dance team to competition.  Once we returned in the evening, I could not stop thinking about ideas for drill team next year, and I’m totally one of those people that if I start getting ideas in the middle of the night, I have to document them RIGHT THEN! I guess I fear that something will happen when I finally do get to sleep and forget everything I was thinking about.  Well, ideas kept swirling around in my head until four in the morning….so that puts me up for a whole twenty four hours…..something I have never been able to do before—not even in college!

Sunday morning I somehow managed to get going and we did make it to church and amazingly enough I didn’t crash for a nap in the middle of the day.  However, after this past weekend and working all day and having Open House tonight at school, I’m pretty beat.  Unfortunately, there won’t be a lot of rest for me the rest of the week while we prepare for a trip to CALIFORNIA!!!

While I took thousands of pictures this weekend of our beautiful dancers, most all of them are stored at school right now, so you will have to just deal with this lovely dessert I found this weekend.  Hopefully your mouth won’t water TOO much!