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It all started on on the facebook group.  Someone, not sure who, made the brilliant decision to make a group for everyone who had a ticket to The Fix–Dallas on February 29th.  Questions and answers were exchanged such as “Where are you traveling from” and “What kind of photography do you shoot?” to even “Okay, what is everyone wearing?”

Soon, we decided to meet at a local restaurant called “The Meddlesome Moth” for munchies before the event, and honestly, from the moment I sat down at that long table beneath the rock and roll starred stained glass, I instantly felt as if I was enjoying fellowship with friends, not complete strangers.  We did not quite know each other’s names, but we joyfully exchanged business cards, (yes! more for my collection!) and gabbed about what we shot and where we were from.  I am not sure I have once felt so welcomed among strangers I had not previously met.  Coincidentally, my new friend from McKinney, Christy Lea, sat next to me, and we instantly hit it off! I mean, come on! How could we not? We both have AWESOME names! 😉



By the time we were all gathered in the foyer of The Apartment, we were beyond excited to meet an inspiring role model of photography in the lives of each of us, Jasmine Star!  The evening was informative and wonderful.  Jasmine is one of the most friendly people I have ever met, and I love how she openly discusses the challenges she has faced  throughout her journey to becoming an extraordinary wedding photographer.




For me personally, Jasmine has become a photography hero. (Betcha’ didn’t know you were going to become a hero when you started did you Jasmine?) Without knowing a THING about photography, she completely transformed her life in 2006 and made it her mission to become a professional photographer.  With the everlasting support of her husband, JD, before long, Jasmine has become well known around the world as one of the most prestigious wedding photographers in the industry.  Her drive and passion to become the best photographer possible and determination to develop her own unique style, and refusal to mold to established norms inspire me to push further in my own work, and helps me to believe that anything is possible!  Another reason why Jasmine personally inspires me so much is because I feel like her starting situation was so similar to mine!  I began to start shooting portraits for hire in 2006, and soon I purchased my very first DSLR, a Canon 30D, just one model newer than Jasmine’s 20D.  Some days I’m jealous because I have not reached quite the notoriety that Jasmine has, but then again, I realize I have simply taken a different path.  While also a photographer, I was also focused on graduating from ETBU and becoming a high school teacher.  Before too long I got married, and changed my teaching position to Technology Applications….I merely took a different path.  Overall, I am still inspired by her drive, friendliness, and passion for this industry.



It was such a pleasure to attend The Fix–Dallas last night!  I really had SO much fun and felt I was motivated to work harder, be more organized, and collaborate more with other DFW photographers to better develop my craft.

I know it may seem silly or over-dramatic, but I feel last night was a night I’ll remember for the rest of my life!