What a weekend!  Cliff has been staying busy playing lots of golf and I fortunately had some time to get caught up on some photography work that I have needed to do for a while now.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work to my brand, website, and now I have a new facebook page.  Instead of focusing merely on photography, I’m wanting to market myself with all of the qualities I can share—as an educator, photographer, and designer.  Everything is still in the beginning stages, but I think it will all pay off in the end.

On a completely other note, I did some DELICIOUS shooting this weekend!  Check out these scrumptious and decadent images below!

How about this delicious sundae cupcake?  Doesn’t it look amazing!?


Honestly, it was pretty darn good! I might have eaten it right after I got done with the shoot…..
But honestly? Could one really resist?


Then there was this bad boy!!!  This is purely adult appreciation chocolate! There are few children who could probably truly appreciate this deliciousness!  I’m saving this for tonight! (I’ve gotta maintain control over my chocolate urges–so I’m going for only 1 dessert in a day.)


Well, that is about it for today folks!  Hope you are enjoying these new shots and the new logo preview….now go like my new facebook page, NOW! Do it! 🙂