Lately I’ve been putting a lot of thought into branding and business cards, marketing materials, etc.  Part of it is because my students are wrapping up a project in Multimedia where they have to design a “marketing package” where they develop a new logo, business card, and blog header for a chosen company.  The other part is I’m putting thought into making some solid changes with how I market myself as a photographer, designer, & educator all in one.  For so long I’ve been separately a teacher and then a photographer, but those two jobs easily intertwine, especially with the nature of the courses I teach, but recently I’ve had the thought of “why do I have to keep these things separate?”  “Can I market myself with all these things wrapped in one?”  We shall see what the outcome will be like with some due time.

Right now I’m enrolled in a business of photography class just to connect with other photographers and get some more insight into managing my own business.  With that comes the above mentioned thoughts of marketing and branding.

Well, today I was doing some internet surfing and found several awesome links online to some incredible business card and marketing designs.  So of course I thought I would pin them to my pinterest for future use and share them here with you in case you might find them of use:

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If anyone really knows me, they know I collect business cards like they are either going out of style or worth some money some day.  I usually use them to help give examples of good and bad design in class every year. (Yes, I keep some of the really bad ones too!)  I’ve collected so many over the past couple of years that whenever I have my kids do the card re-design project, I don’t ask them to bring a business card anymore.  They can just use one from my stash, but if they want to use one of their own, they are more than welcome to!

Some people might think that business cards really are going out of style, (my dad just asked me if there was a free scanner that would send the info to his Outlook so he could immediately trash the card;) but honestly, in a way, business cards are more important than ever.  A business card for a small business owner is a reminder to others of your conversation, and an impressive and good looking card is sure to be more likely to be held on to and used in the future.  A dull, poorly designed card on cheap, thin paper is sure to be lost in the bottom of a purse or go straight to the trash!  As a photographer, give cards to your clients so when people ask who their amazing photographer was, they can hand them your card…and in away—it’s the face of your business!

Of course, this is just all of my own opinion and whatnot, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.  However, DO look at the pinterest board because there are some INCREDIBLE designs at those links that you will not soon forget!

How about this hip-ish DJ card??

This classic, yet modern and beautiful one is for a Tenor vocalist:
This Facebook looking one is very unique!
I’m loving all of these beautiful white letterpress cards!!