This new year of 2012 is officially off to a blazing start!  Things are already picking up around here and boy, is it about to get CRAZY!  Later this week I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage down to Austin for the Texas Computer Educator’s Association (TCEA) Convention, and before the end of the school year, I’ll be going to two drill team competitions, two more workshops, and I’m taking a business/photography class in the meantime! Portfolio Preview for Christina Carpenter

Last week I began a Business of Photography class at UTA, and one of our first assignments is to compile a portfolio of sorts and define our photography style and goals for the future with our photography.  In a way, it was difficult to narrow my images down to my favorites, and of course I can always do better, but it was interesting to see how my portfolio ended up as far as what exactly the subjects were in most of my images.  When describing the photos and how I wanted the image to be portrayed, I found myself using the word “timeless” quite a bit, which I feel has helped me in defining my overall style.  Of course I’m up for trying new things and varying the style of photography to shoot, but it seems my favorite images are those that will still portray the same beauty over and over for decades, instead of a trendy style that will be obvious in about twenty years, (can we say the ’60s warm toned rounded corner photos anyone? or how about the portraits of the front on face and side profile faded in?—1980s!)

But anyways, if you would like to take a look at my portfolio selections, take a little trip over to my Flickr page!

a preview of my portfolio