This weekend I went out to my parents’ house in East Texas to work on my dining room table and chairs—adding clear coats after painting them all black a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday night we went to a steakhouse in Avinger to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday, and afterward, my mother and I decided to venture across the street to a little antique shop where I found this cool frame for $10.00 that I thought would look great in a new color:


I spray painted it a metallic silver and it looked FABULOUS! I couldn’t wait to take it home and hang it in my entry way, or put a mirror in it and hang it…somewhere.

Then, I moved it after adding a second coat, and went to put it down and BAM! Broke into several pieces….BOO!



There goes my cool frame, and $10.00…and that basically describes the screwy day I had….