He was born several weeks early, followed by a stay in the NICU for three weeks.  It wasn’t quite the end of the year my friend Arena and her nerdy husband were expecting.  Neither was Arena expecting to stay at least three weeks in the hospital prior to his birth.  However, life sometimes has a different path designed for us, and it’s all about how we handle it that helps us determine the outcome.

Fortunately, sweet Baby A was born a healthy, (and quite long,) little boy!  It took a while before I was able to, but I finally made it up to Arena’s home earlier this week and was able to take some pictures of her sweet little nerdling!

If you haven’t had the chance, hop on over to Arena’s blog The Nerd’s Wife, and check it out. Not only is she a photography nerd like me, but she loves posting all sorts of interesting stuff, such as GREAT recipies, book reviews, and not to mention, life with a nerd! aka: James. 🙂


Being the tech-savy woman that she is, Arena has utilized Etsy quite well and has purchased several custom crafted accessories for this little boy already, such as this ADORABLE Dinosaur cap!



He seems to love the Sock Monkey cap, (I’m hoping she’ll allow me to borrow this once we eventually have our own offspring. because I LOVE it!) I love capturing little baby smiles!



We’ve got to get a close up of his face, is it not adorable!?!


Of course we had to get a shot with Mom and baby!  Does she not look great!


If you have kept up with my blog, you have probably seen this type of shot before, but I can’t help and show it again.  I just love seeing mommas hold their babies! Plus, I love how this shot displays Arena’s Aggie ring!