I’ve recently seen a couple of people who have wondered what in the world would make a good gift for their kids’ teachers.  Nowadays, it seems a Starbuck’s gift card is pretty frequent, and who doesn’t love gift cards?  But one teacher can only drink so much coffee, and some teachers, (like me) don’t really care for it all that much anyway. In the end, I actually receive very few gifts from students because I teach High School and it just isn’t as common.  Although when I do receive gifts from students I am always very thankful and pleased with their thoughtfulness, and sometimes they range in tickets to a college football game or a custom drawn poster in Photoshop, (yes, I have AWESOME kiddos!)  Well, in my adventures of Pinterest-ing, I have found so many cute teacher gift ideas and I have had a couple of my own I thought I’d share in case you might be looking for the ideal teacher gift this holiday season.

1. Supplies

I always love getting things I can use for my classroom.  There are many things that your child’s teacher has to pay for on their own in their classroom that they constantly use.  Pens, highlighters, markers are all good options.  Other things such as paper clips, POST IT NOTES, book markers are also a good idea.  If you are looking for something a little more expensive that nearly every teacher uses these days, a USB Flash Drive is a wonderful idea!

I absolutely love this little kit that I found on Pinterest.  It has coordinating clips, tacks, lip gloss, and chocolate of course! (You know I actually had a mentor suggest I wear some lipstick on a regular basis–which I very rarely do!–much more of a chapstick girl because most lipsticks cause me to look like a $3 woman of the night.) The coordinating colors these are all in make it such a happy and cheerful kit as well! (Believe me, almost ALL teachers will go GAGA over school supplies!)


Another idea for assembling a supply gift for a teacher is a supply cake much like the diaper cakes people make for baby showers.  Perhaps more appropriate for elementary teachers, but they are super nice and again, provide much needed classroom supplies.

2. Something to Sip

Like I said earlier in this post, I’m not much of a coffee fan, but I almost always have something to drink in my classroom, whether it’s water, tea, or the occasional Coca Cola. When we are standing and talking that much throughout the day, it’s nice to have something to sip on between moments in class.  The insulated tumblers with a lid and straw are a great idea for your child’s teacher!  I love all the personalized options out there–that way if she ever loses it in the school–they know EXACTLY who to return it to!  Other ideas to consider would be the mascot for their favorite college or university, (Can we say, HOOK ‘EM HORNS!)

Source: etsy.com via Jen on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Tottums on Pinterest


3. Personalize It!

One gift idea I keep seeing over and over that I think is absolutely cute is the personalized clip boards.  I use a couple of clipboards in my classroom–one for my tardies where kids have to sign in when they are late and another at Open House.  More often than not, a teacher will have a use for a clip board, and the super cute personalized ones just make work that much more fun!


Other personalized gifts I love as well, because it shows that thought goes into them and plus, if they are lost, its more likely they will be returned back to me.

One thing I would love in my room is a stamp with my name and position on it, because I could easily use it to stamp hall passes instead of signing them or a plethora of other items throughout the year.  You might even want to have their email address put on the stamp as well.

Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest


A really unique and cute lanyard or key ring is also a great gift, and having the name stitched on it as well is a great idea because before too long, if he or she hasn’t yet, the teacher will lose their keys, or misplace them.  Lord only knows where they will find them, stuck in a lock, left in the bathroom, dropped in the parking lot, or in my case misplaced in my car console.  However, having a name on them will provide a greater chance of the teacher getting their keys back and not losing their mind.  Most teachers are required to wear some form of identification so a cute lanyard or that of a favorite sport team for a guy is a good idea as well.


4. Keep the Memories Coming

Do you take a lot of pictures at your kid’s classroom parties and events? Or maybe your school has pictures available you can use, (don’t just right click and save from the internet, because those won’t work!) A cool idea is a customized calendar for your child’s teacher.  I take a LOT of pictures throughout the year, (obviously, I’m a photographer,) and so I have a ton of Sam Houston pictures from many different events, so it would be relatively easy to make a custom calendar.  The other cool thing is that our district has already released the Year at a Glance Calendar for the next school year, so I can go in and input the important dates for the next school year in the calendar. Then, if the teacher wants to, they can cut out the pictures and display them in the classroom once the year is over.

Source: lulu.com via Lori on Pinterest


5. The Ability to Say “Thank You”

Of course I would love stationery, because not only do I design my own note cards, but I just love stationary as well.  Some simple 4×5.5″ notecards would be the perfect thing for teachers to keep on hand at work to send quick thoughtful notes to other faculty members, or notes home, or even thank you notes for the wonderful gift you got her!  You can have a trusty graphic designer come up with a design and order for you or you can find a variety of really neat designs that you can even personalize on Etsy, Tiny Prints, or Vistaprint. You might can even visit your local office supply store and have some cards printed there as well!

personal notecard

{DFW Photographer} Custom Stationary

Do you need more gift ideas?  Just check out the search I did for “teacher gifts” on Pinterest!