Being a photographer and having oh, about four cameras lying around my house at any given time, you would think there would be a million pictures of my wonderful husband and myself in the time we have gotten married.  Well, just like my mother in law would say, “the Carpenter’s wife always needs something fixed, because her house is the last on the list…” we are the last to take pictures of ourselves.  I managed to marry one of the people in the world that despises having his picture taken.  I don’t know why, he always looks good in pictures!

Well, in the four years we have been married, we have yet to have another professional picture taken of us! We have not even set up a tripod in the backyard and tried a photoshoot on our own, because you guessed it, Cliff hates pictures! (Not to mention, I haven’t been too terribly happy with my physical appearance.)

I decided that this year we must send out a Christmas card, and I would really like to have the dogs in the picture as well, so of course I called upon my wonderful friend, Sydni Rae to see if she would be up for a photo swap.  We each do a few pictures of each other with their significant others for holiday pictures.  It was fantastic, I believe we were done shooting within thirty minutes on the perfect overcast day!

Here are a few of the really cute and creative shots of Sydni and her man, Grant:


Sydni was inspired by a really cool idea on Pinterest to wrap themselves in colorful lights for their official Christmas picture.

She roped herself a good one I tell ya:


She’s my favorite redhead, and I’m sure she’s Grant’s as well:


Such a stunning couple:


Here are some shots that Sydni got of Cliff, me, and the puppy dogs:


I just love the one above the way Pearl is sitting.  Her back is to the camera but she turns her head around to see the camera….always has to be difficult!


As you can see, Cliff is MUCH taller than I, but that does not bother me one bit! It certainly comes in handy at the grocery store, or when getting into the attic, or changing the fan speed, or trying to open door knobs….



I love the framing of this above photo.  the shape and angle of the road somewhat guides you down to the subjects, and it creates interest. 🙂


It was my idea to kneel in the road.  Originally I thought I wanted to kneel in front of our house, but thought the same country road Sydni and Grant wanted was better.  Kneeling is a new thing for me, because in the last couple of years it has been rather difficult considering the knee problems I have had.  I have finally gotten some really good physical therapy treatment and I’m going back to the gym and working on weight training for my legs, building up the quad muscles individually, and I can already tell a difference!


I think it is so cool that even though both couples were photographed in the same exact location on the same day, just minutes apart, we still got unique and different shots of each other! That is just one thing I love about working with other photographers and the creative element behind this art.  Each person behind the lens is going to see something different!

I am so thankful for my wonderful friend Sydni and the great times we have together! I’m also thankful for husbands who are willing to wear a gray shirt, and change into the  black shoes that stick to his socks for the sake of looking good in a picture for me, and just posing for a few pictures, period!

I have already ordered some prints, (look out Mom for Christmas!) and finalized and ordered our Christmas card design, so hopefully they will be out to our friends and family by the end of the week!