This week, our Theatre Department at Sam Houston put on several performances of “Oliver Twist.”  These kids have been working so incredibly hard over the last twelve weeks or so to put together a stellar performance.

Usually, when our theater department puts on a performance, I try to make sure I bring my camera to one of the dress rehearsals so I can get some shots of the play for them, and of course, upload a few to the school website.  Well, as luck would have it, the week I planned to take shots of the dress rehearsal, AND take portraits of all my students in RAW mode so they could edit them in Photoshop, what happens but I leave my good ‘ol 7D at my parents’ house in East Texas!!!! Of course my two favorite lenses and flash were in the bag as well, so I was stuck with my point and shoot and my backup—with the stock lens.  What to do, what to do.  Well, in the end I just used my backup with the stock lens, and even though it wasn’t as high powered as my 7D, it still worked and did it’s job and I got a few good shots out of the process.

Here is one I was able to put on flickr just before I left work yesterday:

I think it is so important to support these kids in the school activities they want to be involved in.  Everyone has their niche–they just have to figure out what it is, and high school is all part of that process.