She loves to cook and create gourmet meals, and while he enjoys the wonderful meals, he would be just fine with chicken nuggets on most days.  They both deeply care about the education system in this country and make a wonderful pair.

They both went to the same high school, but that just was not their time.  Several years later while meeting up with old friends, Amy and  Jeremy began to kindle a relationship that within the next several months developed into an engagement and will join as husband and wife in July of 2012.

Amy is a co-worker and friend of mine who teaches Science (and does so very well) at one of the junior high schools that feeds into the high school I teach at.  When Amy asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, but take her engagement photos I didn’t even hesitate.  I am so excited for these two to be beginning the rest of their lives together and know they make a great pair!  I am also super excited to know that Amy chose my friend Sydni Rae to shoot their wedding in July.  I love it when friends from other spectrums of my life meet!

This afternoon, despite the threat of rain and an eventual downpour, we drove over to downtown Waxahachie to shoot Amy & Jeremy’s engagement shoot, and here are a few of the incredible shots we got:

We had to include little Gracie, their miniature Dachshund in a few shots as well!



Here is what we decided was their “Twilight” pose, since it was all close and serious:



One thing I LOVE about Amy is she practically always has a smile on her face! She lights up any room she walks into with her energetic and fun personality!








The above shot was taken at the Texas Theater in downtown across from the old courthouse, and was built in 1890. We found out some people had rented the place out for a birthday party, but the concession stand was open to the public, so we dropped in for a few minutes and grabbed some pop corn, just in time to escape a downpour of rain.  To find out more information about their upcoming events and for booking, check out their website at

Thanks again, Amy and Jeremy for allowing me to shoot your engagement session, I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed hanging out with y’all this evening and being a part of such a special event in your lives!