It had recently snowed and it really was beginning to get dark.  I wanted to finish up quickly, but just couldn’t pass up the idea of shooting downtown Mansfield.  We did a couple of poses here and there when we spotted them down the alley…..the skateboarders.  They were in their little world as we were in ours.  Kameel suddenly got all excited and wanted to take a picture with a skateboard—the large football player who had probably NEVER touched a skateboard in his life suddenly wanted a picture with a skateboard!

So, I dare him to go ask one of the skateboard kids if he can borrow his board for a prop and the kid didn’t seem to mind, so we ended up grabbing a couple of shots with a skateboard, and then Zee wanted to do the same gosh darn thing—-silly boys!

Months later, I ran into the images I had not edited from that chilly February shoot, and I revived them and I think they didn’t come out TOO shabby.



I can’t tell the web world enough how proud I am of each of these Jackson brothers for working so hard in college and are destined to do what I know are great things!  I’m so glad they are willing to still be nice to their old high school teachers and snap a few shots of them every once in a while.