This year at Arlington ISD, we opened up a new program that is housed at my campus where I teach that is for high school students all over the district.  In addition to many other programs, we began the AISD Fire Academy.  This program works in partnership with the Arlington Fire Department as well as Tarrant County College to allow juniors and seniors in high school to go through the preparation of becoming a firefighter, and when they graduate, will have 30 hours of college credit.

I can not tell you how excited I am about this program being at our school.  I am so thankful that our district is beginning to embrace the fact that not every person is going to be successful at obtaining a four year college degree, and that there are careers out there that make honest and decent wages that do not require a four year degree in an academic classroom.

I want what is best for our students, and I want them to be able to figure out what they need to do in order to obtain the career goals they want to, and if that means they are an auto mechanic, cosmetologist, firefighter, or whatever, I want to encourage them to GO FOR IT!

This last week, our fire academy students were practicing with their ladders and scaling the walls of one of our gyms, when I decided to take my little point and shoot and get some pictures of the action.



Yep! That kid is one of mine!



Oh my that is a tall ladder!!!!!


I’m so grateful for the opportunity that these students have and hope it all works out really well for them!