Wow, this fall has been, shall we say, “busy?”  Yeah, Busy would be an understatement.  Every single weekend I have had something going on.  Don’t get me wrong, but I have had a lot of incredible opportunities this fall, ranging from assisting in directing our school’s drill team:

IMG_6611to visiting former students while they play football for division I universities:

Kameel Making a Catch

Kameel playing Wide Receiver for OU.Sooner Schooner

Jamal Turner Interview 09-10-11Jamal doing an interview after one of his games playing for Nebraska.

Or shooting photos at a family reunion:


Russell, Tiffany, and Gracie


It seems like things at school have been quite different this year.  Overall, my students are great, and really respectful and nice; but I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly is different.  Demands have increased significantly, and half of our planning time was taken away due to budget concerns, but I am lucky to still have a job.  I can remember back to four years ago when all I wanted was a chance to be in the classroom, so I remind myself that I should be so thankful that I have the opportunity that I do have to interact with these amazing teenagers every day.

Before too long, the year of 2011 will be over, but not before a few more photo shoots and more fun with my family and friends.  I hope your fall is going well this year and that you enjoy every minute of it.