Please allow me to start off by saying that I love my church.  Cliff and I have been attending church together since before we got married, and Cliff has been a part of our church since he was young and in elementary school.  Throughout Patricia’s illness and our marriage, we have been overcome with the amount of love and devotion our church members have for each other, and though it is a fairly large church, it very much feels like an extended family.

Within that family is Felicity and Clifton, who joined together in marriage today at our new church building, Brown Street Church of Christ, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them!
Felicity and Cliff have known each other for years and might have even gone on a date or two back in the day. 😉  When I started going to church with Cliff, I had the opportunity to get to know Felicity and her two sisters and I just dearly love them all!

At this point, I’m so excited to show you Felicity’s bridal pictures that we shot in downtown Waxahachie on September 17th.  I guess we could have gone somewhere like the Arboretum, which I love, but why go there when we had so many beautiful local places to take a variety of shots?



This is an area of downtown that I have used off and on since 2007  that I have noticed has become quite a hot spot for several photographers, and it usually has such beautiful ivy lining this one side, but unfortunately, the drought has killed off so much of the ivy that it’s looking rather pitiful.  Despite that, we still did a few shots and I love how these turned out:



Here’s a few more from the ally way:



We also did a few on the steps of the historic courthouse, which sits in the middle of the town square, much like many other older small towns.  It really ended up being perfect lighting and I think these shots came out stunning.



Waxahachie has such a variety of little locations for photo shoots; one that I love is the old train depots at the end of College Street.  Fortunately, they have been recently restored and are exceptionally beautiful.



Well, Felicity and Clifton, I say “Congratulations!”  I am so excited for this new journey in life they will take together and I hope they have the happiest of times!