That is right, you read the title correctly, I’m slowly, but surely becoming a University of Nebraska football fan.

Last weekend my co-worker and I drove all the way up to Lincoln, Nebraska for of all things….a football game.  Mind you, we also got to see a couple of very special people along the way and feel great pride as teachers.  A former student from the school we teach in, Jamal Turner, is playing his first year of football at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Jamal has had a very much anticipated arrival and has been very much welcomed by the Nebraska fans and alumni, and look forward to him executing his abilities to run and pass the ball up the field, currently in a Wide Receiver position.

My co-worker, Diedra, developed a special working relationship with Jamal during his last couple of years at Sam Houston, where she made it a priority to help Jamal when he needed it to make sure he had everything straightened out academically to go to Nebraska.  As a result, Jamal gave her two tickets to come to the game this last Saturday, and of course she brought along her infamous partner in crime…! (I think she secretly wanted me for the pictures.)

Our seats were AMAZING—on the 50 yard line 17 rows up.  So we had incredible views throughout the game and were able to meet several parents of other players surrounding us.  I can’t tell you how proud I was when I heard the guy behind me say,

“They just need to give the ball to Jamal Turner!  He’ll get something done!”

EEEEEEK! THAT’S OUR SAM HOUSTON TEXAN!!!!! I know his mother is smiling down from above at how proud she is of her son!

After the game, Jamal continued to be a favorite, when he exited the locker room, he was quickly grabbed for a couple of interviews for various journalists, and when we went to IHOP for dinner afterwards, several people quickly recognized him and asked for an autograph.  Not only were we honored to be with this quickly popular athlete, but honored to be with someone who treated everyone he came into contact with kindness.  No matter how tired or hungry he was, he treated everyone with respect and kindness and happily signed things for his adoring fans.

I grabbed SEVERAL photos throughout the weekend, but here is one that I have managed to get up on Flickr that I really like about the weekend:
Jamal Turner Interview 09-10-11