Despite the fact that I am an avid technology user and I teach Multimedia classes sometimes I can be a little behind the curve ball when it comes to jumping on board with new resources, possibly because I have my nose stuck in whatever was the previous “next best thing.”   That pretty much happened with Pinterest.

I had heard of Pinterest but had not really looked into it, but when my cousin Angie and my friend Sydni both in the same week sent me an invitation and insisted that I join, I decided to man up and create my inspiration boards on Pinterest.  Now I could strangle those two girls because Pinterest is alllllmost like crack to me.  Well, not that I have ever tried crack, but I imagine that is what it would be like if I had been addicted to it.  I must check it every day.  I love discovering what other totally awesome ideas other people I know find on the internet.  What is even cooler is seeing stuff on there that I have seen before and it makes me think, “oh yeah, that’s from Kevin & Amanda…” or “Oh yeah, I’ve seen that one before…”

Anyway, one thing I did not really anticipate gathering ideas about from Pinterest was ideas for my classroom.  As it turns out, many people do post where they find inspiration and ideas, along with an array of poster ideas for the classroom, which led me to my two most recent graphic creations:

twenty years from now

I know, this one is pretty simple, but I like it anyway.  I like the words, they are inspirational, and I hope they will be to my new students as well.

Jerk Whisperer


Now as for this one.  I LOVE it.  I hope it not only makes my kids laugh, but also think, and realize how it’s not important to waste time impressing those who are ignorant and rude fools.  Just be nice and move on.

Well, that is about it for right now.  I’m working on a couple of other projects, but of course, I feel like I must do about a million other things at the same time.  (I haven’t even begun to prime that buffet that I PROMISED Cliff I would have done before I went back to school….oops! But it’s been so dang hot around here!)