Sometimes we go through life and we meet amazing friends. Some go and some stay, and some stay around for life. I’m fairly sure I will have the fortunate opportunity to be friends for life with the wonderful Daley family. It all started in college at East Texas Baptist University in the Mighty Tiger Band….Nolan met this wonderful, beautiful, young woman who was not only beautiful and sweet on the outside, but just as much so on the inside, and her name was Christina. Not only was she beautiful and sweet, she also drove a truck.  NO, I’m not talking about “me” Christina, I’m talking about HER Christina!  She changed his world forever.  Before long they were dating, and within about a year and a half, they became man and wife, where I had the privilege to capture the day as the photographer.  Before too long, the two became three when they welcomed baby Kenlee last August, and once again, I had the privilege of capturing one of the most important moments by taking Kenlee’s newborn photos.

Well, this weekend I had the opportunity to take family photos for the Daley Crew once again, and as usual it was so much fun with some great friends!

We first tried something unique with Kenlee and took her picture in her momma’s wedding dress:

Daley family5

Then we just had to take a couple in her super cute tutu that her momma made:

Daley family4

Daley family3

Then we headed out to the historically rich location in Allen called the Old Stone Dam for some family shots:

Daley family 1

Daley family2

Thanks again guys for a fantastic evening and I’m looking forward to our next great session in August which will be Kenlee’s 1st Birthday!