This past Friday, we had our own family excitement as Cliff’s cousin Jamie and her husband, Andy welcomed their second child, a baby boy, Ryatt!  Little Ryatt is an answered prayer and long awaited!  We are all overjoyed that he has joined us finally!

Here are some quick shots I got of baby Ryatt as we went to visit them in the hospital:


I cannot believe how alert this little guy is!  Did I mention he is the first grandson in a family of three granddaughters, and two daughters!?!  This boy better get ready for some spoiling!
Here he is below being held by Cliff’s dad:


Big sister Kenna is so attentive and so happy to have a little brother!  They are five years and one month apart, and so far it seems like a great age difference!


Like I said before, Kenna is such a great big sister already!


Look at that face!  I am very much looking forward to doing a newborn shoot with him soon!


I just love my family and all the new members we have been adding over the last couple of years!

On a photography note:
All of the images were edited using Photoshop and using the Pioneer Woman’s “Soft & Faded” action.  What I did was adjust the images just slightly in RAW and then run the “Soft & Faded” action, and brought the opacity down to about 20%.  between the bottom layer and the “Soft & Faded” I desaturated the images completely.  The Soft and Faded tends to add just a hint of sepia tone to the image, creating a more in depth black and white image, instead of just raw grays, blacks, and whites.  On top of everything, I enhanced my curves as needed to ensure a good amount of contrast between the blacks and whites.

Equipment used was the Canon EOS 30D, taken with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. (The nifty fifty.)  No flash needed, white balance set to fluorescent.