I can be somewhat of a blog stalker.  I love going to my Google Reader every day (if you don’t know what a Google Reader is, OMG you are missing out!) and catching up on the latest posts by other photographers, designers, moms, etc. across the country.  I am amazed at the creative minds for others, and I often find myself inspired when it comes to my own photography or graphic design.

Today I read a post by Dana over at Tin Star Photography from Waxahachie, and it was so incredible and humbling at the same time.  Dana talks about why she is a photographer and is mindful that she is here to do her work for the Lord and not herself, after all, her creative gift is from the Lord above.  I found it so inspiring that I thought I would share it with you in case you are facing some personal trials of “why do I do this everyday!”  I know I have been dealing with it lately, and have had to face the ideas of what I should charge and wishing I could quit my day job at times so I could do this full time, but the money seems to be an issue.

Without further adieu, here’s the link to her post:

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