This year has been a crazy one.  It seems like things have been very busy, and it’s been difficult to schedule much, however, life has been exciting!

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting a spectacular young lady who is graduating a year early from Bowie High School!  Not only is she an intelligent individual, but she is also absolutely gorgeous!

Meet Alexiss, who will be venturing up to Nebraska in the fall to become a Nebraska Corn Husker!

She’s got “success” written all over her!


She’s super nice, but is not afraid to take charge of her own situation.


Sometimes, graduating early means you might miss out on something, I think Alexiss is ready.  She will do just fine, and she’s a step ahead of her class as it is!



Such a lovely lady!


She was such a sport, even when I took her out to the country fields of Waxahachie.  This spot was just across the road from my in-laws house.




Another wheat field picture.  I couldn’t figure out whether or not I liked it in color or black and white.


Thanks Alexiss for allowing me to be a part of your senior year and best of luck next year in Nebraska!