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This past weekend I had the joy of being a part of a celebration for our cousin Jamie, who is expecting her 2nd child in April….a boy!

We somewhat did things the last minute, but everything was fun and enjoyable!  I put together a simple, but fun invitation for the event:


In lieu of traditional baby shower gifts, we requested that people think about donating to pay to preserve the baby’s chord blood, which can be used in stem cell transplants for him down the road should anything happen such as Multiple Sclerosis or Leukemia.  We hope and pray he never has to use it, but want him to have the best options available should he need it!

I am so excited for Jamie, Andy, Kenna, and the new addition to their family!  I know they prayed long and hard for this little fella to come along, and he is going to be such a blessing to this family!