Cliff and I are so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful church family.  Through the experience of Cliff’s mom going through her stem cell transplant and us getting married in the same year and all the hardships we have had related with his mother, our church family has been more than supportive and has been a rock in our lives.  It is so nice to know you have more than blood relatives who care about you and want to help you in your times of need.  Through our experiences, we have also had the pleasure of being a part of a wonderful college and career class at our church.  (We probably should move on to the young couples’ class but meh, we like where we are at!  We can only take so much change!) Our sunday school teachers, Dan & Deonna are wonderful people!  They are just so inspiring and amazing! I really feel like we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Well, Deonna called me recently frantically concerned if I had any plans for a Friday night, and as it turned out, I didn’t.  Deonna shared the secret with me that her son (about Cliff’s age,) was planning to propose to his girlfriend the Friday evening she came home for Spring Break and asked me to come out and take some pictures.  And well, of course I said yes!

It was a beautiful evening on the jogging trail and a peaceful place in the woods where family and close friends hid out while Caleb and Aubree took a “walk” and all stood there in tears of joy as he got down on one knee to ask Aubree to be his one and only forever.


I can’t imagine a more serene place to propose to the love of your life!


Look at all that supportive family!


It’s great to know your future mother in law is ecstatic that you will be joining her family!



We found a heart in a tree nearby.




Many, many congratulations to Caleb and Aubree! I am so happy for you two!