Here are my two favorite dogs in the world:
holly 031011
pearl 031011

They really are sweet sweet dogs.  We have been fortunate with the training of Holly and she has trained so well over the last two years.  I love that I can tell her, “Go get in your box;” and she goes straight to her crate.  Pearl….well we are still working on her! (Granted, we’ve only had her for about a month.)

Holly and Pearl both love to cuddle with us and Holly has become the protector of the family, and when she feels like she’s done that job she runs to us as if she wants to make sure we saw that she went to great strides to protect our family. 🙂

Pearl is already jealous of the attention Holly might get instead of her and vice versa.  It really is kind of cute to be fought over. 🙂

I may not be a real “mom” but I have my dog children!