For the last two saturdays in a row, I have had the pleasure of hanging out with our spectacular Tex-Annes–the drill team at the school I work for.

We traveled to two area competitions where we left in the wee hours of the morning and returned late late, after midnight in the first case.  (whew! made me realize how much 10 years can do to you at times, lol!)

Throughout the time we spent at the competitions where the girls had to dance several dances and endure multiple costume changes—not once did I hear any of the girls complain or express that they were tired.  Anything said to them was responded with “yes m’amm.” It is a breath of fresh air to hear those words at times when it can be common to hear, “yeah” or “I don’t want to!” or “**** You!” (yep—they do that sometimes.)

The day before the competition, my friend Sara, the instructor made sure and emailed me saying, “You’re bringing your camera right…..?”  But of course I did!  How could I pass up this opportunity!?!

I took my 85mm f/1.8 lens with me and as a result, probably got some of the best photos I have ever gotten in a gym before!  (So many gyms are so dark!)

Here they are with their Team Novelty dance, where they used the “I Love Lucy” tv theme and the Black Eyed Pea song “Let’s Get It Started.”  I loved the whole act and those girls really took it to the next level with portraying men! Drawing on the facial hair was admittedly, much fun. 🙂texannes1

Their Team Pom routine was fun as well!  They danced to a ’90’s mix that I wish I had on my mp3 player.  You could tell that they all had so much fun with it.  Their energy was absolutely incredible last weekend!  You could tell the smiles were not fake!



Here’s this year’s captain during the officer modern routine.  She is really a beautiful dancer and has the perfect body for it—tall and slender.  When she points her hands and toes it almost looks as if her body goes on forever—she is so graceful.

{side note: this girl also just recently won a full scholarship to one of our local 4 year universities! However, her sights are set on Harvard, and Harvard alone!}



Despite the fact that I felt useless the two following Sundays, the two days spent with our drill team were totally worth it!  I had so much fun with these girls!